DuckDuckGo Now A Default Option In Chrome?

What is DuckDuckGo? Most of you are probably asking yourself what the f**k I’m talking about, right? Fear not, let me explain!

Everyone knows the Google Search Engine right? You type in in your address bar at the top and it takes you to a nice simple page where you can ask (or search for) anything under the sun. This is known as a search engine.

DuckDuckGo is another search engine, just like Google, except this one let’s you search privately and anonymously. In fact, in late 2018 DuckDuckGo hit 30 million daily searches. This tells us that privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people. For a Security nerd like me, this is my go-to search engine. If you’re interested in better securing their life, or just want to browse privately, I highly recommend taking a look at it.


I’m in! How do I make the change?

It’s actually very simple to change your default search engine.

First, (assuming you’re using Google Chrome of course) head up to the top right of your browser and click those three vertical buttons. Next you should get a pop-up like the image below, we want to click on settings.


Next, you will want to scroll down until you see the ‘Manage Search Engines’ feature. Click it and it should expand to look something like this:


From here, you should see DuckDuckGo as an option under your ‘Default Search Engines’.

If you don’t see it there, simply click the ‘Add’ button and add in the required information. You’ll want to paste in for the URL.

I would fill this out like the following:

Lastly, just restart you internet browser. You may end up making DuckDuckGo your new homepage, but that is up to you. It really is that simple to make your digital life that much more secure. Let me know in the comments below whether or not you plan on changing to DuckDuckGo and why or why not!

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