I’m Considering Relocating


So I’m debating on relocating to Florida for work.

I got this crazy message on LinkedIn the other day that really caught my eye. It was for one of the most well-known companies in my field, asking ME if I’d consider new position. The only issue is… well.. the company is located in Florida and I’m in Illinois.


What are the pros and cons?

I’m still trying to iron that out. A couple pros that really stood out to me were:

  • Big increase in pay
  • Florida has no income tax
  • Pinnacle of my industry
  • Huge opportunity in terms of the position
  • They’ll pay to help relocate me

And in contrast, here are come of the cons that keep running across my mind:

  • I’m literally starting over fresh
  • I know absolutely no one down there
  • It’s hard for me to leave family and friends
  • I’m “comfortable” where I am
  • I’m in a lease until December

Are these really cons?

To me, yes. Although I could see why someone would think otherwise. Who wouldn’t like to jump at the opportunity of starting fresh or breaking out of your comfort zone? I wish I could answer that, but for me, “new” is “hard”.

What’s next

I’ve got an online interview next week. After that, who knows. Honestly, I’m taking one step at a time and why not? Like some of the more important things in life, there’s no need to rush.

I’d love to hear your opinions below in the comment section. Have you or a loved one ever had to relocate? Even if it wasn’t for work, please share! The more feedback, the better.

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