I’m Thinking About Growing My Hair Out

Weird title for a finance article right? But let me explain… This isn’t JUST about growing my hair. And it’s not JUST about the money.

Growing My Hair


This is a two part answer so let me break this up accordingly:

1. I’m bored

That’s right. Boredom. Have you ever felt like you just need to change something up with your appearance? Whether that be a new color, a new style or just more hair, sometimes change can be refreshing. I’ve had the same hair cut for almost three years now and I thinks it’s time I switch it up. In my last post I spoke about cathartic release through D&D, perhaps this also plays into it a bit. For me, changes in appearance are just as cathartic and refreshing. It’s almost like a reset button on your perception.

Maybe this is why so many men and women alter their appearance after a bad breakup. Not that that’s what I’m going through… I have a fantastic relationship with my girlfriend. Sometimes a change in your looks give way to building a new foundation of self worth.

Don’t get me wrong though. I am VERY comfortable with who I am. I just like to expand my horizons often and try different (random) things.

Growing My Hair

2. Financial reasons

I currently get my hair cut every two weeks. A bi-weekly cut costs me $25. That’s literally $50 every month and $600 a year. To put it simply, that is $600 that ISN’T going toward paying off my debt. That might not sound like a lot, but that can be an extra payment to the debt which can drastically speed up the process.

As I enter into the final stretch of paying off my student loans, I am more eager than ever to hit the debt free milestone. This was a huge motivation for me to try and find any extra bit of money I can to get me there ASAP. After taking inventory of my expenses, the biweekly haircuts just had to go. Keep in mind they might not be gone forever, but while I’m paying off debt, I don’t see that much benefit in keeping them around. My girlfriend on the other hand… That’ll be a bridge I cross when I get there.

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  1. I currently need a haircut but I wait until I can’t stand the length of my fringe anymore haha. We all get bored every now and then, and I think change is a good thing! I also hope that it helps you with clearing your debt. 🙂

    1. Hey Francesca! Thanks for stopping in. How long is yours?! I am JUST starting. Hoping this will help get me through the final stretch of my debt journey.

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