My First IT Certificate

Before I begin let me preface this post by saying I went into this knowing how entry level this cert is. I got it to prove fundamental IT knowledge on my resume. Nothing more nothing less. And hell, under $200 for an entry level IT certificate? I’ll take it.

IT Certificate

What cert did you get?

The CompTIA ITF+

How much was it?

Depends on the package you get, but mine was $149 and included a practice ‘book’ (digital) and an exam voucher. The book is comparable to walking on smoldering lava, so I recommend you find other (more practical) ways to study.

IT Certificate

Why’d you get that one?

For one, I got this cert on my own dime. Luckily this one isn’t terrible pricey, but ideally your employer pays the cost to further your knowledge. Mine (no matter how often I bring it up during review time) apparently isn’t interested in doing that. Anyway, that’s drama for another post.

I also wanted to test the waters with an entry level certificate. This was my very first cert and it was a good experience learning what the process is like, how to take certificate exams, where to take them and how to study for them.

Lastly, it gave me legitimate proof of basic IT fundamentals. I could’ve dove directly into the Security+ or Network+ certs, but that’s comparable to jumping straight into the deep end. I’m more of a ‘compose myself in the shallows before venturing into the deep’ type of person, so the ITF+ was a great way to get my feet wet so to speak.

Was it hard?

No. Literally anyone with an IT background or basic understanding of IT will be perfectly fine. Most of my time was spent reviewing via practice test or going through flash card apps. There are plenty of resources out there for whatever style of learning you prefer. Do your due diligence and you’ll get by no problem.

Take your time too. There’s no rush to go out and spend your hard earned money (or your company’s) if you aren’t comfortable with the subject matter. Go at your own pace, it’s your life.

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