My (TOP) Financial Goal For 2019

My financial goal

My financial goal? To be close to (or completely) debt free.

So listen, as of right now you know nothing about my finances. I plan on sharing those details at a later (and undisclosed) date. But for now, let me list off my debts and explain how I got to this point.

  • Student loans – $6000
  • Car payment – $9000
  • Phone payment – $500

NOW WAIT A MINUTE. I’m fully (FULLY) aware that you’re probably sitting there saying to yourself, “oh boo boo this kid has barely over $15,000 in debt cry me a river.” And that’s a fair assessment, but keep reading.

I am TWO years into my debt free journey. If I were to start today from scratch, my numbers would look something like this:

  • Student loans – $30,000
  • Car payment – $18,000
  • Phone payment – $1000
  • Credit card – $1000

Roughly $50,000. Fifty. Thousand. Dollars. Pretty crazy right? I think so too, and it’s my objective to help you achieve the same thing. In the future, I plan on putting together another post detailing the numbers and walking you through how I got here. This one though, is just for me to document (in writing) my top goal for 2019. I believe that if you put things out into the universe vocally or in writing, you force it to happen. You just have to believe enough and put in the work to make it happen.

My financial goal

If you take anything from this post, know that no matter how big the mountain, the tiny bits and pieces you take away, quickly add up. Write your goals down, speak them aloud, believe in them and put in the work.

Now get out there and do.

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