Paying Off Your First Loan

Paying Off Your First Loan

So you’re paying off your first loan. CONGRATS!

You’ve come a long long way and you’re finally about to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Hold your horses

That’s right. Although you’re super eager to make that final payment on your loan, slow down.

You’ve come so far. Take a minute to reflect and appreciate the journey, the hardships and the path you took. It’s crucial that you reflect on this process. Your first loan might be as small as $100 or as big as $1,000. Savor it and repeat it. You knocked out the first one, now keep going.

A lot of the time, not just with money, people tend to put the work in at first and then fizzle out. A great example of this are New Years Resolutions.

A new year rolls around and it’s time you get back in the gym right? Like so many, you end up renewing your membership, going for the first month and then you fizzle out. It’s beyond important that you take this momentum from your first loan, and snowball it into your next one. Just like you should take the momentum from your first month at the gym, and apply it going forward.

Paying Off Your First Loan

Now hit the pay button.

You’ve done it. You paid off your first loan. Enjoy the feeling, but set your sights on loan number two.

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