Turning Down A Job

As you might know, I was recently considering a job in Florida. Even more recently, I turned down the offer. This post will focus on turning down a job, something I think most people have to experience in their career.

Turning Down Job


Firstly, I would’ve had to relocate to Florida. Although one of my life goals is to eventually buy property down there, I didn’t feel like it was in my best interest to uproot my entire life at this moment.

Next, the pay wasn’t enough for me to make the m or worthwhile. Although it was a big jump from what I’m currently at, it isn’t better than the local market.

Lastly, the job responsibilities aren’t quite what I am looking for at this point in my career. For this specific job, they’re basically looking for someone willing to travel and speak at conferences. For me, as exciting as this might sound, it’s not what I’m looking for out of my career right now.

Now, like with most things in life, there is a trade off. The company I turned down would without a doubt make a huge impact on my resume. Based on the reasons above, I felt that this impact could be met elsewhere. Hell, I’m only 24. To me, I have plenty of time to build my resume and progress my career.

I’m curious about you, have you ever turned down a job offer? What were your reasons? Let me know!

Turning Down job

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