Why I Play Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons? Nerdy right? Fair assumption, but there’s more to it than just magic, mythical creatures and role play.

Dungeons and Dragons

What is “D&D”?

In short, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop role playing game where you and a group of friends adventure through a story (usually called a campaign) as a custom character that YOU create. Each character is outfitted with his or her own backstory, personality, traits, jobs (classes), etc. The stories/campaigns are created and managed by a Dungeon Master or (DM) and can last anywhere between a few weeks or months all the way up to multiple years.

This is obviously VERY high level, but hopefully you get the gist.

So why do you play?

For me, it’s cathartic. It gives me a chance each week to literally step into a new world. A world where I can express myself in whichever way I feel. Without judgement of others. Something I struggle with in the real world. In D&D, I can be anything I want. A charismatic paladin, an evil warlock or a sinister rogue. The choices are as limitless as they are interesting and there is no fear of judgement.

Not only that, it gives me (and my friends) a chance to stay in touch. As you grow older, friends come and go. D&D is a way to check in with each other and see how someone else’s life is going. It’s an outlet for creativity and a beacon for collaboration.

Dungeons and Dragons

Is it right for me?

It’s right for everyone. It might take some getting used to as far as rules and role playing go, but the answer is yes. Take a couple minutes to watch a video or two on it, and then gather up some friends and plan out your very first campaign. You won’t know if you enjoy it, unless you try it.

So… Why are you posting this?

A lot of reasons, here are three:

  1. Because it’s a facet of my life that I feel could impact yours.
  2. I am curious how I can utilize D&D to enhance the blog. Whether that’s through summaries/recaps pertaining to my campaigns or even videos, I think it could help build the blog.
  3. To show that we all have something inside of us that we don’t share with many people and that it’s okay to share it. A year or two ago you couldn’t catch me even sharing my thoughts with my family, let alone with the world on a public blog. And here I am, about to role play, on camera, and share it.

Obviously I’m trying to keep you somewhat in the dark with my plans. I want to fully flesh things like this out before I come straight out with it. Until then, sit tight and (hopefully) enjoy the content.

I know I look forward to creating it.

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  1. I played D&D at uni and I loved it! I was nervous at first because I didn’t know how good I’d be at improvisation but it actually really helped to think creatively as I’m a writer and we were all study creative writing. I look forward to seeing more about D&D on your blog!

    1. I appreciate you stopping by my blog! I am starting a brand new campaign tomorrow with some friends, so I am looking forward to more DND content! Definitely agree that it helps people think creatively.

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