Windows 7 Support is Being Discontinued, Now What?

Windows 7 Discontinued

What do I do now?

Great question. If you’re still running Windows 7 on your computer, it is recommended that you migrate to Windows 10 in order to continue receiving security updates. Migrating will ensure that your PC stays protected. If you’re hesitant to upgrade, (I don’t know why you would be) there is the option to shell out some money to maintain support. 

  • Year one: $50
  • Year two: $100
  • Year three: $200

It’s important to note that this paid support is primarily to allow businesses ‘cushion’ to transition to Windows 10. Also, if you plan on taking advantage of this option, you must do so from the beginning. You won’t have the option to buy in years 2 or 3 – SO UPGRADE INSTEAD!

Windows 7 Discontinued

Don’t procrastinate!

It’s crucial that you don’t wait until the last minute to upgrade your machine. Not only are you risking decreased security, there are also many useful features you’re missing out on that can improve productivity and workflow.

If you’re hung up on not liking the ‘new’ look and feel of Windows 10, don’t worry! Microsoft has done a nice job providing users many customization options to make windows 10 look and act like its predecessor.

Can I upgrade for free?

Unfortunately no. Back in 2016 Microsoft did offer a free upgrade to Windows 10, but that has since ended. That being said, you can easily purchase a copy off of amazon for around $100. Be sure that your machine meets the minimum system requirements though.

You’ll have two installation options, either a fresh install or an in-place upgrade. A clean install will require you to make a back up of your critical files and is more an option for you to ‘start fresh’. A clean install is generally preferred just because it ensures highest performance. In contrast, the in-place upgrade is a lot less work and won’t require a back up of your system. This option basically just jumps you from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Regardless of which option you pick, upgrading to Windows 10 will bring you many more benefits than it will headaches. The positives truly outweigh the negatives, and although Windows 7 was a great operating system, it is being discontinued and now is the time to upgrade. You can’t live in the past forever!

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